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We have a small farm and raise fine white Corriedale sheep. I like to use that wool to create sculptures in a medium known as "NeedleFelting"
  Many people have experienced shrinking a sweater in the washer, or purchasing a sheet of craft felt. Both of those types of felt use water and agitation.  
  The felting I do , requires dry wool and a fine needle that has barbs on the tip, My husband refers to it as a "controlled dreadlock" But the sculpting process is more tedious than that and some sculptures can take many months to complete .
   If you are looking for fleeces, needlefelting items, works of art, or even breeding stock we hope to be able to help you.  Look under Locations and Venues to find places I may be teaching or to be able to see these animals in person, and of course, any of my newest creations